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When asked “Why the city of Waco?”, the answer is simple. “Why not” says team market owner Brandon Littles.
Brandon is excited the Royals are in the city of Waco.
“There is no denying that this community will support a professional basketball team.”

Brandon has grown up right here in the city of Waco. Raised by his mother, Renee Huitt. Also, Chief Operating Officer of the Waco Royals.
“My son started playing basketball in this community as a little boy. I used to take him to Hood Street Park”.[read bio for more on Renee Huitt]

Waco is home of the Baylor Bears. A city that loves its sports! The Waco Royals are here to create a tradition and impact on the community that will be respected and supported by the Baylor Bears community and the entire city of Waco.
“I want to make the city proud”, says Brandon followed up with how he needs to go workout. At 26yrs of age Brandon also plans to play for the Royals. [read bio for more on Brandon Littles]

The city has never had its own professional basketball team and The Waco Royals organization feels this is a great opportunity for the city to show the strong support they would give to a pro team.
The Basketball League has created another platform for players to display their talent and the Waco Royals want all to take full advantage.

Typical to the message of other teams the Royals plan to be involved with schools, the youth, colleges, community clean ups, community agendas, and overall involvement in the city of Waco.

The Waco Royals will exude royalty on and off the court. A benefit to the community and family to the city.
The Waco Royals are humbled and honored for this unique opportunity to create a positive impact on the city while creating a championship mindset on and off the court.
Let’s Go Royals!

Waco Royals Mission

The Waco Royals organization focuses on cultivating a competitive championship mindset from top to bottom. The Royals look to exude excellence on and off the court, by providing fans with an amazing game-day experience. All while still growing the game of basketball and enriching the lives of those within the Waco community.

The Waco Royals are on a mission to create a safe and fun community filled with love throughout the city of Waco, Texas. We will demonstrate this to all by holding ourselves to a championship mindset of dedication, commitment, and focus of excellence. We are the Royals!

Brandon Littles: Team Market Owner

Waco Royal’s Team Market Owner, Brandon Littles was born on July 8th, 1994 in Waco, Texas. At the small age of three, he was introduced to the game of basketball and has been dedicated to the sport ever since. The three most important elements to Littles are faith, family, and sport because it has taken him very far in his life.  

In 2013, he graduated from Live Oak Classical School in Waco, Texas—the school where he also received All-State Honors his Junior and Senior year for basketball. After high school, Littles played at the collegiate level for Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, Oklahoma from 2015 to 2017. For as long as he can remember, basketball has always been a fundamental part of his life. 

Now, he plans to enhance the local community through basketball and will continue to promote a healthy relationship between the fans and the organization.“If I cannot bring a positive, loving, and caring attitude towards my loved ones and surrounding people of the community, then I believe I have failed.” – Brandon Littles

Russel Renee Huitt:  Chief Operating Officer

Waco Royal’s Chief Operating Officer, Russel Renee Huitt was born and raised in Waco, Texas, and takes immense pride in being a native of the great city. Sports have always been a defining part of her life—winning player of the year in 1987 for basketball her senior year in high school and winning state player of the year for discus. However, Renee did not only excel in sports but in music too. 

After graduating from Vanguard College Preparatory High School in 1987, she went on to further her education at Baylor University— earning a scholarship due to her ability to play the violin so well. During those college years, she managed to play the violin while also giving her all to basketball and track. She later would end her academic career in 1996 with a bachelor’s degree in education. 

As she entered a new phase of her life, she began her professional career in Waco, Texas, working in corrections on the county and state/federal levels—with adults, juveniles, and I.C.E detainees. Now, Renee is excited to tackle this new venture with the Waco Royals organization. She is grateful that she can build an organization that her son will play for in the future— this is far more than she ever imagined.

“The Most High knows my heart and he has put me in position to do exactly what my mind, body and soul loves.” – Russel Renee Huitt